Writer Submission

PRISM Media is home to three different, unique Publications:


PRISM Mag is the official and first publication of the PRISM Collaborative. This will be a monthly released thematic magazine published via Print, Medium and our website. View our already available work here.


Fifty54 Mag

FIFTY54 Mag began with a question: Why is it so hard for black writers and creatives to get published in magazines?

Our founders sought to change that, to create a space where even the most novice of black writers and journalists are published alongside the more seasoned ones.  We believe in spreading opportunities and love like wildfire here at FIFTY54, and we use our name to remember our mission for black writers and creatives. The FIFTY is a nod to the 50 states of America, and a nod to the “American Dream” of opportunity and prosperity. The 54 is a nod to the 54 unique and beautiful countries of Africa where we all as black people and as humans originated. It helps us remember where we are from, where we’ve been, and dutifully where we are going. Learn more about FIFTY54 here.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance is designed to show you that world, mirroring the universe that defines this huge culture with the people living in it, their words, and their image. We look to capture hip hop’s population in the midst of their Sista Soulja moment. We will provide insight and nuance that those that are truly hip hop can appreciate, while holding itself according to exemplary journalistic standard.

The Renaissance— Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Publication is a project of PRISM Media, a section within the PRISM Collaborative, and it will be a daily digital zine on Medium beginning production this fall, in recognition of the 40- and 46-year marks of hip hop. As of now, all aspects of production will be managed by the PRISM Collaborative, led editorially by Juwan Holmes (Genius, Fifty54, Bustle, etc), a co-founder of the Humans of Hip Hop series. It will be anchored by the PhotoView, an innovative journalistic method which reproduces conversation with intriguing individuals alongside handpicked photography taken concurrently with the interview. View our Manifesto here and our introduction announcement here.

If You would like to submit A Pitch, Idea, Comment, or non-written content to any of these publications, Follow these Instructions:

  1. Read each publication’s about and website.
    • Each of these publications have different missions, verticals, editorial guidelines and themes for their content. PRISM MAG focuses on covering all things creative or collaborative, and is published digitally – between PRISMCollaborative.com and Medium – and physically every month. FIFTY54 is exclusively for Black and African-identifying writers and publishes digitally on their website and physically about every month-two months (their guidelines are here). The Renaissance Project is a daily-publishing digital Medium publication focused on hip hop and hip-hop related topics. This just cracks the surface – don’t pitch without knowing what these publications are about!
  2. Pitch or send content to the proper email/form.
    • To pitch PRISM MAG: hi@prismcollaborative.com
    • To pitch FIFTY54 MAG: fifty54mag@gmail.com
    • To pitch The Renaissance Project: prismrenaissance@gmail.com
  3. Know that pitching or sending content, completed or otherwise, does not guarantee publishing.
    • Again, each publication has deadlines, themes, and editorial standards to abide by. Simply sending your content does not guarantee that we’ll use it, but as long as you follow the guidelines you should be golden. We’re not too picky.
  4. Know that we are not paying at this time.
    • Writers definitely deserved to be compensated for their work and time, and we hope to obtain the funds as soon as possible to get there. However, we’re limited in our resources at this time, so understand we cannot pay at this time. We understand that may be a deal breaker for many, especially more established writers – get your money, first and foremost. If you have the extra time or resources to volunteer your skills at this time, though, please offer them to us!
  5. Wait a given period to hear back from these publications.
    • We hope to get back to you by the next day, but the reality is we could take weeks to come around to your pitch. Most of our editors are volunteering their time and effort as well, so please keep that in mind. Under typical conditions, we should get back to you in about 2-4 business days.

If you are Interested in Regularly contributing, or Being Invited to one of our Publications, Please Use the Google form below. Thank you for the interest!