Little Live Story

Little Live Story is a podcast of two nerds who turn an anime into a movie & a movie into an anime.

ERIC EGHIGIAN, Co-Host/Writer, Director, Editor at FSD Productions

Jared Chontow, Co-Host/Anime enthusiast


Jared has over 200 days of pure anime watching time, and Eric has a 1,300-strong DVD collection and editing experience totaling over a thousand hours.

Episode 1: “Dogmaball Z”/”The Gateinator”

Part 1: Kevin Smith’s Dogma is imagined as an anime while Dragon Ball Z is re-imagined as a feature film. Part 2: The anime GATE as a feature film, and The Terminator as an anime.

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  • Lee’s “Hennybody Can Paint 2”
    On September 20th, our member Lee will be hosting and instructing her second 'paint-and-sip' art class, Hennybody Can Paint Pt 2!
  • PRISM Welcomes The Little Live Story Podcast
    We are happy to announce that we have our first podcast within the group with Little Live Story, a storytelling podcast where two friends challenge one another to take an anime and re-imagine it as a feature film, and a feature film and re-imagine it as an anime.
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    The PRISM Collaborative is excited to reveal that its first digital zine site, The Renaissance Project, has attracted readers to view their stories over 1,000 times since its launch.
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    FIFTY54 Magazine, our sister publication dedicated to Black voices, has made the move over to Medium!
  • Untitled ( 2017)
    A poem by Pamela Patterson.