Chantel K Watts

writer, speaker, creative, (and ultimately) unapologetically black

Executive Wordsmith, PRISM Media

– July/August 2019 Featured Member –

Meet Chantel! Chantel is a creative living in NYC currently getting her bachelors degree in English with a media focus and a minor in history. Chantel writes poetry, stage and screen plays, fiction, and creative non-fiction and has published two books of poetry! She is also skilled in painting, film and photography. Chantel loves to teach and speak publicly about the power of black stories being told in all forms. Most recently she spoke at the inaugural African American Book Festival (@aaabookfest) in ATL! She is also serious about her dedication to philanthropy work, and, as a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi, continuously does service projects for the community! “The most important thing to me is to always radiate love.” You can ask Chantel to perform, write, speak, consult or just listen. Follow her on IG: @two46oh1

Chantel’s Portfolio


In My Mind (2016)

Also by Chantel K. Watts:

Edward’s Libretto (2018)


Red Light Special (2017)

iPhone 8+ Photography by Chantel K. Watts; Model: Kai-Sakile

Concrete Jungle (2017)

iPhone 7+ Photography by Chantel K. Watts

#BuyAVowel (2017)

iPhone 7+ Photography by Chantel K. Watts; Models: Various

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