The Renaissance

Introducing The Renaissance Project, a new publication from PRISM Media dedicated to producing innovative, honest content in regards to the future of hip hop as a culture and a genre.

· Juwan Holmes, EditorIal Revolutionary-In-CHarge / CURATOR of PRISM ·

· Paul K. Barnes, Lieutenant of Editorial Affairs ·

· A.A. Heron, Assistant Curator of PRISM Media ·

· Chantel K. Watts, Executive Wordsmith Of PRISM ·

“You know the history. You see what’s going on today. What is waiting for us — lovers, haters and observers alike — down the rest of this road? What will the world of hip hop look like now that its right to existence and power needs no more evidence?

The Renaissance is designed to show you that world, mirroring the universe that defines this huge culture with the people living in it, their words, and their image. We look to capture hip hop’s population in the midst of their Sista Soulja moment. We look to record the words, unfiltered, of those driving through the crash courses of the genre, presently and into the future. Together, from this you’ll be able to grasp a real insider view of the most-listened to genre in music and the real emotions of the culture within that dominates urban America.

Our content will not be similar to most, if any hip hop publications currently in operation. We will not debate the best of this or list the newest that. We will not fluff the elite, or trash those who are different. We will not blindly praise the past, or demoan the modern presentation of hip hop. We will scholarly review, and dissertate educationally, the world of rap. We will talk about what is changing, or needs to change, within the genre. We will report on news, events, and commentary with zeal. The Renaissance will provide insight and nuance that those that are truly hip hop can appreciate, while holding itself according to exemplary journalistic standard.”

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