About Us

Learn more about PRISM Collaborative, our members, and what to expect from us.

PRISM Collaborative is a Brooklyn, New York based collective curated to unify individuals of multiple talents into a singular, yet manifold group that is capable to dream and achieve the impossible, together or as individuals.
Founded as Prism Images in its first phase during 2017, we are now developing into PRISM Collaborative, which will consist of 5 major sectors:

  • PRISM Productions, focused on television and film productions;
  • PRISM Representation, dedicated to event and talent management and publicity;
  • PRISM Images, Including PRISM Apparel, our visual arts and photography section;
  • PRISM Sound, our audio and music production group; and
  • PRISM Media, including PRISMMag, consisting of our creative writing, journalism, and publishing divisions.

Who Designed The PRISM Logo?

The PRISM Logo was illustrated by Tawan Holmes, and designed/edited by Evie Maldonaldo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is part of, and who can be part of Prism?

  • Prism Images is curated (organize, and monitor thereafter) by Juwan Holmes, as an organization open to membership and participation from anyone. There are no requirements for artists other than they welcome collaboration, creativity and diversity. All members of PRISM will have a section on our page at prismimages.org

Why is it “Collaborative”? What does it mean by the “first phase”?

  • Collaborative was chosen over words such as ‘collective’ or ‘group’ for multiple reasons – namely, to differentiate ourselves from others using those terms, and to summarize the ultimate mission of Prism Images (and hopefully, our future organizations): to create and promote art through collaboration and unity. We also eventually desire expand our vision outside of just the visual arts, into all areas of arts & entertainment.

Why – and how – do I become a Prism Images Member?

  • Becoming a Prism Artist will provide many benefits, to you and others, namely:
    • Experience – What we look for in membership isn’t the most impressive résumé or portfolio; we want artists, experienced or not, with the potential to build an incomparable brand. Together, artists can learn from one another while making their visions real.
    • Exposure – Prism Artists are exposed to fellow artists, many unknown, that they can collaborate with by taking away some of the obstacles collaborators normally face when working with others. Artists are also benefitted as members with increased exposure of their brand and work, in addition to having an organization backing them.
    • Expression – Prism not only welcomes, but encourages diverse creativity and any form of expression. That expression shouldn’t be censored or limited under any circumstances.
    • Independence – While we want our artists to value and reap the benefits of being a part of a group, while maintaining their individuality. Our goal is for artists to be recognized as their own brand, not as a subsidiary of a larger one. Artists are under no obligations, and other than charges for services provided (i.e. website fees), membership is and will remain free and non-committal.
    • Opportunities – A Prism Artist will have a chance at offers that previously seemed out of reach, while they can reach out and find a assorted pool of candidates for their own opportunities.
    • Progress – We will give all our available resources to Prism Artists to grow and advance their careers, and by working together, Artists will provide one another with the skill sets and tools to adapt, learn, and achieve.
    • Understanding – Being an artist entails enough challenging obstacles, and the purpose of Prism Images is to assist our Artists going through them. Creativity is complex, but being surrounding by other open-minded artists who are more likely to comprehend your ideas eases things. An actual prism refracts light waves in new, varying directions, and we want to do the same with visions at Prism Images.
  • To apply, click here.

What does Prism consider ‘art’? Which arts do I have to be in to be a part of Prism Images?

  • Prism Images focuses on the performance & visual arts, including photography, fashion, VFX/make-up, film, dance, etc.; however, we welcome artists involved in any form of the arts & entertainment. You are not required to be involved in a specific craft to be a part of Prism. If you consider it art, so do we.

What’s the point of Prism Apparel?

  • Prism Images Apparel is designed to build the recognition of Prism as a brand while provide desirable and superior apparel that adequately represents our artists and pleases public appeal.