FIFTY54’s First Issue Is Out

The publication, operated by Executive Wordsmith Chantel Watts for Black writers, focuses on Body Positivity in its July/August Issue.

In her first act as Executive Wordsmith of Media within the PRISM Collaborative, Chantel K. Watts has gathered and published the first issue of the new home for Black expression and thought – FIFTY54 Mag.

Founder of FIFTY54, Chantel K. Watts

FIFTY54 – The FIFTY named after the 50 American states and the 54 after the number of recognized nations in the African continent – is content exclusively made by and for black-identifying individuals. The first issue, Summa Time Fine, is now available on Medium.

Chantel K. Watts is the Founder and CEO of the magazine, and Juwan Holmes is serving as Editor and Vice President of Operations.

PRISM Media’s Assistant Curator, A. A. Heron, also contributed to the first issue, alongside Brenika Grant, Brandon Ham, Kay Hollins, and Sharenza M. For the Summa Time Fine issue, these writers write about their experiences with or around body positivity, or the lack thereof.

If you’d like to write for FIFTY54’s next issue or beyond, or one of PRISM’s other publications – PRISM MAG and The Renaissance – then please submit at our Writer Submission page. You can also find details about submitting to FIFTY54 directly on their website. From their FAQs: “All pitches, poems, short stories have a deadline that is set to about 4 weeks before the release.” Don’t worry about experience, both PRISM and FIFTY54 work with creatives of all levels and specialties.

Thank you for being interested in FIFTY54 and coming this far with us. We can only go up from here! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Fifty54Mag and view our important pages at


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