Our IndieGoGo Campaign Has Launched

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Hello All,

Since PRISM started as Prism Images + Apparel in 2017, we have made major strides toward fulfilling our destiny as a reputable home for artists and creators of all mediums to grow and develop. We have grown to a total of 22 members as of today, and we could not have gotten this far without them.

However, that journey has been far from smooth. There have been limitations to the opportunities we can create due to financial and promotional constraints, so we began thinking of ways to maneuvering around that. So, today, we are officially launching a project we have been laboring over for months.

The PRISM Collaborative is running a IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to fund and prepare for our full launch as an arts + apparel cooperative. This is a very important, necessary, and vital determining factor of our future. The outcome of this campaign will determine what, and how much, we can manage to make happen this summer and for the foreseeable future.

If you have kept up with PRISM for a while, you already know what we have done so far. We have launched and maintained an online E-store with over 50 original items in apparel, accessories, hats, and more. We have also published 3 stories of editorial excellence, from ‘You Are a Prince to Us’, the unprecedented account of Prince’s making of the soundtrack Girl 6 – which Spike Lee, filmmaker of the movie of the same name assessed himself – to our first piece, ‘I Am a Multipotentialite’. We also published our first PhotoView, a unique take on combining photography and interviewing in one sitting.

PRISM has also produced its first official event – the Queer After-Work Social – that had an amazing turnout and was popular among all participants. We already have two more immediately in the works – PRISM’s Headshot Special this Thursday and the First PRISM Pen Storm, which we are also announcing today.

Here’s what’s planned for the near future, if you didn’t know:

  • MTA City – This will be a documentary and poetry film short produced this summer by the PRISM Collaborative. This will tell a unique and weaved story about life in New York City through 18 different poems and the stories of those who lived in it.
  • The Renaissance ProjectThe Renaissance is a digital daily zine going into production this fall, dedicated to being Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Publication.
  • PRISM Mag – The official publication of the PRISM Collaborative will publish its first thematic issue this summer/fall.
  • FIFTY54 Mag – A publication imprint under PRISM Collaborative dedicated to working and publishing work by writers of color, FIFTY54 is already in production of this first thematic issue.
  • PRISM Launch event – an event showcasing all of PRISM’s work up to this point.
  • Untitled Male Modeling Group

Supporter of THiS PRISM Member, Project, or Story? Contribute Or Promote PRISM’s Crowdfunding Campaign!

With all this and more in the works, our members will have to begin providing membership dues to ensure that the Collaborative Group maintains operation. This campaign will allow us members to alleviate the rate of our dues and assist in funding these and future project.

We are asking for USD$3,000, and we have 60 days from today to raise it – meaning our campaign will end on August 23, 2019 unless we reach our goal, and then from there we can continue fundraising. All profits received will go to providing for the Collaborative, its members, and these projects. Contributors may receive these rewards for assisting and helping grow an inclusive, non-exploitative organization of artists by artists:

  • Apparel and Merchandise, or discounts
  • Specialized or requested content in: Creative Writing, Photography, music, poetry, journalism, graphic design, brand development, videography and more
  • Inclusion to the PRISM family as an ambassador, partner, or sponsor!
  • Free or discounted access to PRISM’s next event
  • Special Thanks and/or Producer credit on the film MTA City 
  • And more!

If you’d like to support us financially outside of IndieGoGo, you are more than welcome to fund us through our Facebook campaign or provide funds via PayPal.Me/PRISMImages. You can also send funds directly to our members, such as myself, via PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Square, and more methods. [PLEASE DO NOT provide funds to anyone not listed on our website as a member. Contact us and let us know before sending any funds.]

Of course, we recognize that all will not be able to provide money and some will have to support us in other ways. That’s fine by us! Here’s the other ways we hope you can support us:

JOIN US. – We only get stronger and more diversified with each new member we accept. There are no prerequisites based on background, experience, or location – everyone is welcome.

PARTNER OR SPONSOR US. – As a newer, independently operating enterprise, other businesses or organizations having faith in us is a vital tool to success and building. Allow PRISM to collaborate with your organization to produce unmatched, unique experiences or material for your clientele that sets you apart from your competition. Sponsorship of a minority-operating, specially-crafted organization producing one of a kind work in the world’s largest economic market of New York will not only enable us to go further, but guarantee you a place in history as we work to change the future of the arts world.

CONTRACT OR WORK WITH US. – We have members that have worked with the biggest names and corporations and forged innovation in their industries. We can offer competitive, negotiable rates and production security that is not found at many already established organizations or creative groups.

PUT EVERYONE ON TO US. – The more people that learn about us, the better our work can become. We have engaged thousands and grown authentic audiences, online and physically. Many know of PRISM, but don’t really explore what we do or believe it at face value. Help us spread the word to more people. Tell the creatives you know and you care about, or their family and friends, or their businesses and organizations.

STAN US. – We need all the genuine energy and support we could possibly get. Even if you choose not to become a member of PRISM, or can’t partner with us in some way, just taking some time out of this crazy thing called life to support us makes a huge difference.

ALL OF THE ABOVE, WITH OUR MEMBERS. – Again, PRISM is for members by members, equally powered, so support for one of us is support for all of us. Stan, hire, partner, sponsor, and/or work with any of our members, we won’t complain.

Those of you that have support us thus far, we appreciate you beyond words. Even if you’re just now finding out about us, welcome to our universe! Either way, consider supporting us, financially or otherwise. This is one of my main dreams in life and there are 21 other members waiting for your help to get them to the next step in their career.

Can you get us to the next step this summer?

View “Full Launch of the PRISM Collaborative” at IndieGoGo

Thank you on behalf of the PRISM Collaborative,

Juwan J. Holmes, Curator

We are home to two dozen unique artists and creators from endless mediums.

Learn more about who’s already here, and how you can join here – Members Page

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